My dad is a 27 year old housing contractor and race car driver. He used to build race cars with his father, and I hope someday we can build a race car together.

Dad spends most of his time at work, but on weekends we play and he cares for me so mom can take a break. His parents live too far away to see regularly so we plan to take a trip east in the summer.

Dad has lots of funny friends who always make silly noises at me. They play basketball as a team but aren't very good. I hope my athletic abilities are inherited from my mother
Our Females
This is my tiny little Stella. She is so small from tiny imperial lines and and loves to be held. Everyone just loves Stella. She looks a lot tinier than her weight but I've been told I feed all my kids way too much. I cannot stand for them to be hungry. She weighs 7.2 lbs.

What can I say about my precious Celine. She is such a gorgeous red and comes from Falling Star lines. What a pedigree, gorgeous coat and cobby body. Her personality is as gorgeous as her coat. What a perfect girl. Thank you Elizabeth from American Dynasty Shih Tzus for this lovely princess. she is 10.5 lbs.

Gorgeous Red and White girl that loves to cuddle and give kisses.

Katie is my gold with black tipped little girl. She is 7 lbs. and has such a gorgeous face.  This picture does not do her justice.

Our Males
Romeo comes from a great pedigree. He is Sparky's son from Pennie-Lil-Angels in CA and his mother is from small lines from Toybox Shih Tzu. What a red he will be. Thank you so much Cindy for this gorgeous little boy.

.Kathleen Morabito

Breeder of High Class
Shih Tzu Puppies
Pookie is a tiny boy (6 lbs.) from Jofin tiny lines and is the sweetest boy that loves to be held and cuddled.

"If you don't think dogs can count,
     try putting 3 dog biscuits
     in your pocket
     and then giving Fido only 2 of             them"
                ........Phil Pastoret

High Class
Shih Tzus
Kathleen Morabito
Largo, Florida
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Future stud.  Buttercup is such a sweet little boy.  He loves to give me kisses and cuddle on the couch.  He will be a great Father.  I am so excited to see his future puppies.